Safeguarding & Attendance

Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust (WHMAT) have a strong belief that improving school attendance is a critical factor in ensuring improved attainment and future life outcomes. It is central to social inclusion and has a major impact on a child’s future life opportunities. Poor attendance may result in low academic achievement, street crime, anti- social behaviour and possible exposure to safeguarding risk factors which will ultimately result in more children potentially becoming NEET when they leave school. Considering this the WHMAT must ensure children and families are supported to remove any potential barriers to learning.

The picture above simplifies how the WHMAT intend to support children and young people in regards to attendance. In the first image of this picture everyone is given the exact same support. They are being treated equally, however, they are not being treated fairly. If we are striving to treat all of our children and young people fairly, and improve their lives through good school attendance, then some children/young people may require different and additional support which will provide them with an equal chance of success.

The WHMAT believes the foundation to ensuring that all our children, young people and their families achieve their full potential is to.

  • Create an ethos in which excellent school attendance is developed and nurtured;
  • Develop and embed structures, processes and systems to support high levels of attendance in each Academy;
  • Ensure all people, in all schools, understand their role in supporting attendance;
  • Embed management systems to ensure attendance strategies and action plans are embedded in practice and having maximal impact.

This will involve building strong professional working partnerships between; children, families, school leaders, school staff and external organisations to improve outcomes for all children and young people. Ultimately, the WHMAT will strive to remove any barriers to learning through supporting attendance of all children and young people.

This website aims to identify how the WHMAT will support Academies and Academy leaders to provide the framework for continuous improvement in school attendance and remove identified barriers to learning. Each Academy each have their own individual Attendance and Punctuation Policy for further reference.

The WHMAT will provide governance and oversight to those academies that are part of the Trust, these include:

  • Brownmead Primary School;
  • Gossey Lane Primary School;
  • Firs Primary School;
  • Saltley Academy;
  • Tile Cross Academy;
  • Washwood Heath Academy;
  • Topcliffe Primary School.

This webpage applies to each of the Academies listed above. The WHMAT is committed to providing a full and effective education for all children and young people to ensure that they achieve their potential in all that they do. Children and young people need to attend school regularly if they are able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities that each Academy provides. Statistics support that good attendance links to increased attainment. Therefore, promoting good attendance is a priority for the WHMAT and each Academy will continue to develop a positive ethos which will highlight and promote good attendance and punctuality.


Supporting Attendance and Punctuality