We would encourage all families to discuss what your children should do in case they are not at school, or not with family, at the time of an incident occurring.

We encourage all to enter an ICE (In case of Emergency) contact number in your mobile phone contacts.  Follow the link   http://www.birminghamprepared.gov.uk/advice/advice-for-communities/is-your-mobile-iced-up/ for guidance on how to do this.

Please be assured that school remains a safe, happy and supportive environment in which your child will continue to be given opportunities to learn about the wider world around them in line with national guidance and recommendations, including British Values.  WHMAT staff are here to support any child who may express concerns or who shows signs of need.  Full details can be found in the school policies section of the school website, along with a copy of the WHMAT Safeguarding Policy.

If you wish to discuss any concern you have about your child, please follow normal school procedures to contact your child’s teacher or Pastoral/ House/ Guidance Manager in the first instance.